Zombies, Run!

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Escape from Zombies by running for real


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Zombies, Run! is a clever mix between a pedometer and videogame that is geared towards runners who want to add a touch of fun to their training. The application will basically tell you a zombie story through your headphones while your music plays in the background.

The application comes with over twenty half-hour missions that follow a story in which you become 'runner five', one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Your goal in the game will be to complete all the missions that your radio coordinators send you...for which all you'll need to do is one thing: run.

As you run, the application will let you know when you pick up different objects. Once you finish your run, you'll be able to use these objects to improve the base where you and the other refugees are staying. Unfortunately, this won’t have any real incidence on the 'game'.

Zombies, Run! is a very fun way of exercising with which you'll be able to play as you train... or vice versa. The application also comes with GPS or accelerometer mode, so you can use it both out in the open or the gym.
By Nelson de Benito